Are Tortoises Able to Eat Meat and Chicken?

Do Tortoise Eat Meat?

The tortoise is a reptile of the order Testudines characterized by a bony or hard shell, which is either domed or hinged laterally, making it possible for them to retreat into the shell for protection from predators and from harsh environmental conditions such as heat and cold. Tortoises can vary in size from a few … Read more

African Pancake Tortoises Everythin...
African Pancake Tortoises Everything You Must Know!

Organic Topsoil For Tortoise, Is It safe for tortoises?

Organic Topsoil For Tortoise

Why topsoil matters for tortoises (and other creatures, too)? The best type of soil for a tortoise habitat is organic topsoil. This soil is rich in nutrients and will provide your tortoise with a healthy environment. The article will be discussing the difficulties of finding organic topsoil for tortoises. What is organic topsoil? Organic topsoil … Read more